Rabbit Barn

Currently we have one breed of pedigree rabbits.

Mini Rex

Mini Rex are a very big part of our lives right now. Which is ironic considering how small these rabbits are. If you are looking for a sweet cuddly colorful ball of fluff to call your own, look no farther.


These boys are very important to our program. They are beautiful and docile.

Hazel – he was shedding some sunburnt summer hair in this picture. He not known to carry Vienna.
Licorice my blue eyed Vienna Marked boy.


On top of breeding for the SOP, with does I’m looking for wonderful mothers.

Sprinkles our Otter Charlie. I’m so excited to see her babies!
Snowball is quite possibly the most correct doe in our barn. Just look at those plush wrinkles ❤️
Ivy our smallest doe. She is a Broken Blue. In my eyes she could use a little depth of body.
Calli’s color is so hard to capture in pictures. She is a Broken Harlequin Castor, essentially a tri colored rabbit.
Lilly our beloved Opal doe. She is normally quite striking, but she is also shedding summer scorched hairs.
Daisy is a Squirrel or Blue Chinchilla. Not a recognized color, but it is beautiful. Daisy also has an awesome personality. My intention is to use her in my Blue Eyed Vienna/Blue Eyed White program. She is also shedding 😅