Who I am…

So you might be wondering, just who is this lady anyways…? Well, I’ll tell you.

I’m a mom to 4 wild wonders. They are young, exuberant, and intelligent. Yes, I homeschool. I have a lot of respect for the Charlotte Mason and Unschool approaches, so that is what I try to emulate.

I’m a bookworm. I have been since before I could read. Historical fiction is what I like best. Jane Eyre is my number 1 favorite, another is Lady Of The Lake by Sir Walter Scott. I love old out of print books that you find in resale shops for cheap. I’ve got Louis L’Amour and Zane Gray’s that I paid a dime apiece for. Westerns and a few works of Agatha Christie is what I cut my teeth on in the world of literature. As well as some (dare I say) Johanna Lindsay novels, and a few other like her. I have a four volume set on Napoleon, that I paid $9 for, printed in 1840 (yes 1840, not 1940) they are in French. I don’t read or speak French, yet.

I’m am a writer. And I’m not just talking about this sadly neglected blog, or the much more attended Instagram. But works of poetry, and fiction. I have several manuscripts in the works, and a short story finished. I do fully intend to publish in the future. Hopefully within the next two years. I have always, always wanted to write. And over the past year and a half I’ve got rather serious about it, and a lot of progress has been made. I look forward to sharing noteworthy updates on all of that. Some of my poems are on one of my Instagram accounts, jocelynpaige_writer and tiktok jpaigewriter… at some point I’ll put fancy links to those accounts but you can just do it the hard way for now.

I’m also a homesteader/farmer. I raise animals for food for my family, but also to sell to others as breeding stock. While I do keep chickens and other animals, my main focuses are Rabbits, Rex & Silver Fox mostly. Cotton Patch Geese. And Muscovy ducks. I have yet to process any of these myself. But I have done chickens. Someday I’d like to expand to larger forums of livestock, and have a milk cow or two, but for now what I’ve got is enough to keep me occupied, and then some.

Last, but never least, I am a woman of faith. I believe that salvation comes through Jesus Christ, and through Christ alone. And that effects everything I do in life. Please don’t think that means that I lack respect for others, because I don’t. I have those near and dear who believe far differently than I do, and I genuinely love them still.


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