Shed To Cabin Fully Glazed

Oh boy am I happy! Thanks to a very diligent brother, alll of my beautiful windows are now in my cabin! The amount of light now flooding that tiny space is amazing! I couldn’t be more happy about it. I’ve crammed 8 windows, and 3 doors onto this 16×40. And one of those doors is a set of full glass French doors. I know it was a very bold move, but I have no regrets.

The layout goes something like this (I’ll try to get a drawing of it up at some point) on the west side, in the middle of the building there is a set of glorious French doors. Full disclosure, one of the doors will likely always remain closed and act more as a floor to ceiling windows, rather than a door. That way I can make full use of that exterior wall. The main living space will have a built in couch. Large dinning/work table, and a stripped down kitchen. There will be a 16×9 bedroom on one end, and a 9×10 bedroom on the other end, with a walk in closet attached. The bathroom cuts into the “master” bedroom space. I’m willing to give it up for the sake of better flow, and more room in the main living area.

That just about sums it up for now. I look forward to showing off all the little details. And possibly even some of the martial costs in the future.

This will be my bedroom ♥️
The work site needs a tidy before the next phase. But it’s looking good from my perspective.
One of the lovely views I will have.

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