A Fresh Start

Let me catch you up, back in the spring my sister-in-law and brother offered something mutually appealing for us all. We could make use of a tiny patch of their land, and they wouldn’t have to be way out there all alone. I JUMPED at the offer after double checking that, they were in fact serious.

We get use of what is between the pole and the fence line.

It has taken a while to get the ball rolling. At first I was set on a travel trailer… but we kept running into roadblocks. Even with cash in hand. Either they wanted too much, or the trailer was too rough, or it would sell the day we were headed to look at it. Over and over again. After one discouraging trip I made a remark about a tiny house. When my husband and I first got together he had a super crappy travel trailer from the 70’s. He tore it down, but still has the frame. Then another sister-in-law said she might know of a larger frame… it was gone before we could get to it. Finally I broke I settled on a shed to house. We did a little looking, and got a 16’x40’ for a fair price.

Now we are spending our weekends turning this into a cozy cabin. So far we have added two more doors, and framed up the bathroom. It will be transformed by the time we are done. Inside and out. I’ll be back to share more soon!

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