Soul Refresh

Do you ever have one of those moments when you breathe in, and it goes deep into the fiber of your being? That is what I experience yesterday.

Less then half way up

I’d been feeling bogged down lately. Not because of the holidays. Although taking four young children to three different grandparents houses, three days in a row does pull on you. Especially when one of those kids is a little “different” neurologically. And there is the processing all the gifts. But it wasn’t that. This goes deeper then that.

This is about desire, dreams, ambition, and discontentment. When I decided to go for a hike yesterday it was for my physical wellbeing. Which is in itself good. But I took a slightly different path, and lost my self to the wonder of nature.

The hills are high, rocky, and steep. In their shadows I could feel the chill from the springs hidden underground. As I made my one way up through one ravine, I came into the light. The sun shining on my back. And my heart lifted.

I allowed God to move me. And as I reached the top, and looked down over the place that we live on. I realized that waiting can be a blessing. We get to take the time to gather resources, and experience. As we wait for the next year and a half. We don’t have to rush a single thing. We get to feel this out, with a well defined goal in sight. It is in sight! For the first time. So yes. I have found contentment, knowing full well there will be a big shift less then two years down the road.

Up Top
Charlotte kept me company

Maybe I’ll take to the wood more often this winter. They are just outside my door really. But if I don’t, because I do stay pretty busy on this side of the road. I will carry that perspective, that feeling with me. And maybe I’ll be putting my words done more often here as well.

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