64 Rabbits And Counting…

I have no idea what is normal for other people. But I think this might be considered a lot for a smaller, and relatively new rabbitry. This is after losses, and half of my does haven’t even kidded yet. I’m selfishly enjoying every moment of cuteness by the way.

Chocolate Mini Rex Kit
4 weeks old

I’m also honing in on what I want to do with this. Part of that is brainstorming on how I want to manage meat growing outs…where should I put a 20’ hoop house on this place? Where I can feed lots of alfalfa, and the rabbits can make the most of those 10+ weeks. Since we pelt, longer grow out times have its benefits. I also think happy animals taste better. I’d like to make modifications to our cages, so that our breeding animals have a more enjoyable environment as well. I’m not rushing these changes. But there is some planing going on.

5 day old meat project fluffle
I intend to keep breeders from.

I look at my rabbits with enjoyment, and a critical eye. Just today I looked over 6 kits, and a doe, and decided half of the babies didn’t make the cut. And the doe didn’t fit my program. I’ve liked her from day one, but I know letting her go is the right thing. I’m in my 30’s and there are still things that make me feel like a grownup. Making rational decisions about breeding stock is one of the things that bring on that feeling. And I like it.

Daisy Blue Chinchilla Mini Rex

If your in NE Oklahoma and looking to add rabbits to your home or farm, send me an email to see what we have. It changes quickly at times. I’ll be breeding 6 Mini Rex does, and 2 Silver Fox does next week, so our next baby boom will be very exciting.

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