We Finally Have Babies!

At this point I have rebred the does so many times, I don’t remember when I have originally expected the first kindling. But we have 6 fluffy, springy babies now. I was surprised to find 6, not 4 or 5. They are nearly 2 weeks old now, and becoming real characters. I took these pictures last week.

Red/Ruby Eyed White, Blue, Black
Black, Blue, REW
Castor, Opal, Chinchilla
Opal, Chinchilla, Castor

Those 6 tiny babies are my pride and joy right now. They are a visible aspect of my business. My tiny, slowly growing, I didn’t know what this would really be, business. Without these babies I wouldn’t have any new resources, there would be no growth, and no profit. So they are very important. Also, they are cute. And I love to hold them, snuggle them, and just enjoying having sweet babies around.

It’s not all fun times though. Shortly after this fluffle was born I had to decide on culling a few other rabbits. That might seem harsh, but I want to produce quality stock, for their well-being, and mine. Keeping animals in my breeding program that are sub par in too many levels isn’t wise, or responsible. I’ve set my standard, now it is my duty to hold my self to it. Thankfully my husband fully supports me in this, and is more then willing to harvest the culls. I’ve dispatched and processed chickens, but I’m not up to snuff yet with the rabbits. I’d like to get there though. One day I just have to decide I’m going to do it, and see it through. You can’t wait until you feel ready, it has to be a decisive action.

As I learn more. What I’m looking for and breeding for in my barn will become refined. And hopefully others will agree that my efforts have paid off by choosing my rabbits for their homes or barns. That being said I can already see a few more of my rabbits leaving my program soon. Some are still nice enough to give someone a stepping stone, or even make a pet. Others fit into the homestead aspect, feeding us, or our dogs or cats. That is the goal of what we do here. Feeding our family, and our animals to the extent that we can. Right now, that doesn’t look like too much. Mostly poultry we have raised for meat. But our hope is to grow it into someone more. Because it’s the right thing to do, for us. And we enjoy it. Just like we enjoy the rabbits. Hopefully I will have a lot more babies to show off soon.


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