Pedigreed Mini Rex In Oklahoma

I have typed that into the search bar, and never really found what I was looking for. Maybe that is what you did too. If so I hope it brought you here, for half selfish reasons. You want em, we got em.

Beautiful Mini Rex ready for your home, or your show barn. Or if you are like me, and cannot resist all those other color possibilities, I might have some unrecognized colors for your experimental breeding program. You heard me, I raise some unrecognized colors. In all of our colors I’m looking for certain qualities including a sweet disposition, correct body type, and that lovely lush Rex pelt. Holding something so warm and soft has got to be good for your heart. Pets start at $25, and pedigreed rabbits at $40.

Here is a look at the last few we have available before new litters are born, and weaned late this fall. Not pictured are a couple of pet quality rabbits. These three are fully pedigreed.

Black Buck, Possible Vienna Carrier
Broken Black Buck
Black Doe, Possible Vienna Carrier

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