Hello again my friends.

Once again I’m back. I always get excited around this time of year. All of the buzz of the holidays has faded away. And winter teases me with warm days, giving the illusion of spring. I wish I could say I was crafting like crazy. Or making lots of detailed goals, and plans. But the truth of it is, not so much.

As far as the plans go. I did kinda got a few things done last year that I wanted. I did actually grow and eat a few things. And when I say a few I’m talking about enough for one salad. But I learned some stuff, and I’m glad I did what I did. I’m sure I’ll grow a little more this year. And I’ll do it a little better. I’ll be starting with better soil. I was foolish to think I could cut corners when it came to soil. I guess I was trying to save money. But like I said lesson learned. I can see that it isn’t likely we will get that orchid planted this year. But maybe, just maybe we can get more of the land cleared.

We do however, have a few financial goals in detail for the first time. And I can see how that will have a positive chain reaction on our lives. No van payment – no feeling of pressure to cut corners on stuff like quality soil. We have been listening to Dave Ramsey, and John Maxwell podcasts. Me more then my husband. But that’s okay. Every bit of it has had a positive effect on us both. So in the back of my mind is the unwritten list of goals. All the things I’ve been talking about for years. The things I bring up now, and my husband finishes my statement about. I’m not sure how much with “get done” this year. But I feel it is going to be some good stuff. And we will be doing much of it as a team, ether of me and my husband, or as a whole family. And that’s really a big part of what I want out of life. I want this all to be an adventure. And I want to share it with those I love.

As for the crafts. Well having four children between the ages of 6 & 1, who are vivacious, exuberant, and somewhat wild…they just don’t give there mama a lot of down time right now. But that’s alright. Our homeschooling journey is just starting to get some traction now. And I love it.

Until next time, seek first the kingdom my friends. You won’t regret it.

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