This Is The Year

This is it! This is the one where we will get real with our goals, and turn this place into a real home stead.

I’ve set most of these same goals before. Often biting off more then I could chew. Last year wasn’t anything crazy, but my husband’s concussion, and a surprise pregnancy kinda took over. Looking back there was something different each year. But one good thing is I have learned. Not only from my mistakes, but also life. Just realizing what I can handle. And when I should just say no, that’s not going to work right now.

What are this years goals?

A garden. A small simple raise bed garden right out our back door. A place to grow herbs, salad greens, fruits, and flowers.

A chicken tractor. Just enough room for some laying hens. And I’m going to buy grown chickens. As cute as baby chicks are, building a brooder, and caring for a bunch of tiny babies doesn’t sound so appealing when I’ve got so many of my own little ones.

Clearing our land, and planting an orchard. Okay so this one is kinda big, and mostly falls to my husband. I have almost no chain saw experience. And that’s not something I’d choose to do with a bunch of small children in tow. I would gladly give a hand though. Clearing brush, and moving firewood sounds like a fun day to me. Maybe someone in my family with stay with the kids on occasion for me. I’d honestly rather have a day to my self on the land, then a date night.

We do have an addition around here. But he isn’t really a farm animal. Hank the mini pig…long story short is that we are suckers for odd animals no one else wants. Despite having changed hands 4 times in less then a week, Hank is a happy guy. He is rather dog like. Always happy to see a person. And loves a good pat on the back. I guess you could say he is a good way to add pig experience without much overhead. As small as he is, he doesn’t need much. Plus I don’t think you can put a price tag on joy. And we do enjoy him.

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