Unexpectedly Busy Day

Being a mom isn’t easy. Not that saying that out loud is some sort of headline. But I think hearing other mothers admit that they have the same flaws, and struggles, and feel the same emotions as you, helps you know you’re not alone. That’s how it makes me feel.

Being a mom is also one of my favorite things. Even on days like today, or days harder then today. Today really wasn’t so bad. It was just busy in an unexpected way. Like the Fedex guy calling right as some of the kids decided they needed help in the bathroom. And the others were fussing (when I say fussing I mean screaming) because they were tired. Then again when he called back to say he’d be there in minutes, rather then hours. Or when my husband needed help with the door to dump the ashes from our wood stove, at the same time the big girls wanted me to run a bath. And I forgot to plug the tub, and ran all the hot water out, and they had already gotten in. Oh yeah, that sort of unexpected day.

Honestly having a 6 week old, I don’t plan, or expect much at this point. Baby Carolyn has a bit of a pattern. So we are falling into a routine. And I have got an idea of what I can do. But it’s still very much a wait and see phase. I keep reminding my self that it won’t last long. We are going to find our groove as a family of 6, and rock it. It just probably won’t be tomorrow.

I am making plans though. Learning project for the kids. Family outings. A garden, and a chicken tractor. It is all pretty connected in my mind. All things that bring us joy, and enrichment. Chances to grow, and learn through experiences as a family. And Wendell’s new job makes this all a little more feasible. He is now off of work Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. With 4 really little kids, in the middle of winter, we aren’t doing a lot of outings. But we are making the best of our time together. I see a lot of promise for the future.

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