Don’t Be Discouraged, No One Is Perfect

Hello All!

Well my morning did not start out as intended. It actually started the night before. We all had a wonderful weekend, that was very restorative and uplifting. More on that in a bit. But by the time last night rolled around I was so tired that I forgot a few key things.

Believe what you will, but essential oils are a important part of our lives right now. I know they effect me, and my oldest Acelyn. Other parents of children with neurological disorders have seen them take a positive effect in their homes too. So I have been pretty dedicated to using them at night, and thought the day….I forgot to put them in the defuser last night! Oh the restlessness! It was like sleeping with 3 fish with elbows!

I also didn’t set an alarm. Normally I wake up close to the time I’d like. I also figure when I’m pregnant, or have a newborn, if I need extra sleep, then I need extra sleep. But I also rely on the sounds of my husband getting home from work. But we are both doing a few things differently for the benefit of our family, and our goals right now. Rather then coming home he went right to our land, and started clearing brush…I haven’t been out there in a long while, and apparently there is a lot of brush to remove before he starts on the trees.

So I didn’t sleep much, didn’t sleep well, and woke up to fix my own breakfast, with a grumpy Boonie. He is normally a happy guy in the mornings. Then my breakfast wasn’t so good ether. I’m trying out overnight oats. I’m not giving up on them yet.

And my head hurt.

So I can just feel my self becoming discouraged. I had some basic, yet important plans for today. Then my husband gets home. We chat a few minutes, and before he goes to bed we read a devotional together. We both have the same bible app on our phones, and have been doing devotionals on it together for maybe a month now. And while we don’t always feel inspired every day. I can tell on days we missed. It helps us connect to God as a couple, and it deepens our connection to each other.

But today really spoke to me. Today was a very encouraging reminder of the things we are doing that are right. Basically it was saying that it doesn’t matter if other people like what your doing, if your following God then that is what counts.

Wendell and I make decisions as a couple all the time that people who know us don’t understand, and don’t approve of. But that’s not the point. The point is that we make decisions together, as a team. Now I can’t speak for my husband. But I know I pray over most (possibly all) of our major choices. Buying a car, building a house, how to raise our children…I could do a lot more praying over those tough mommy moments, and smaller decisions, but we are all a work in progress.

Nothing has played out perfectly. But we have no regrets. We learn things, knowledge for the future. Which I think is awesome. Honestly I used to not feel that way. I used to think I had to be prefect, and get everything right the first time. No wonder I was so stressed at times.

Is there a point to all this? Um…well, I guess don’t be discouraged. Let The Lord inspire you. And live your dreams.

It’s not even noon yet. And I feel likes it’s a brand new day.

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