This Minimalist Thing

Hello All,

Can I do this minimalist thing? Yes. Of course I can. Do I want to do it? Um…well…

While I find the idea of white walls, 5 books, owning only movies that I can stream, and 6 outfits very un-appealing. I’ve learned that is not what it is all about. Maybe for some people living with the least of just about everything, it their goal. But it could never be mine. I mean that is just NOT me. I like stuff. Movies, and books, and antique knickknacks.

I’ll tell you what I don’t like though. Not knowing where things are. That drives me CRAZY! I know it’s here, but where? In what? Under what? Any why didn’t I just put it all away in the first place. Well I recently discovered that I ovoid putting some things away, because there isn’t really room to put it where it should be. I’m not sure if that is more sad or embarrassing. Ether way it’s not pretty. But just imagine, you’ve folded all the laundry you have recently washed. You take it into a bedroom, open a drawer, only to find that it doesn’t really fit….

Now maybe your saying geez, why did you buy all that stuff in the first place?! Honestly, I didn’t. Most of the things we own, we didn’t buy. And I’m glad people thank of us. Offering hand me downs. And buying us gifts. Learning to say no thank you has been hard. Getting rid of things that were bought for us, be it toys, or clothes, or whatever is even harder.

So anyways I’m saying that we have way to much stuff. And because of that minimalism has become highly appealing to me. Not because I want to only have a few things in a boring space (cuz that is totally how it can look sometimes, sorry but it’s how I see it) but because I want the things we do have to be genuinely needed, or to bring us real enjoyment.

I don’t want to open my drawer, and say “eh I guess I’ll wear this” I don’t want to feel like I’m drowning in toys and laundry, to the point I’m always cleaning, but nothing ever looks nice.

I’m sure we’ll have more of some things then other people. And less then others. But that’s not the point it’s not about them. It’s about us. About me. And I’m seeing that at times, less, really can be more.

Now if you’re like me, and your starting this journey when your living room already looks like a storage unit. It can take a while. Especially if you are pregnant, and have three other small children. Those declutter in a weekend hacks can be full of false hopes…when 4, 5, 6 months down the line things are still “a mess”. So if your looking at more then a closet, or your entryway, or your kitchen table (WHY is it always the table?!?!) you should pace your self. But those are all good places to start.

In closing let me just say that while I might never fit the description of a “minimalist” for now that is an inspiring goal, that helps keep me motivated. So I’m going to keep moving in that direction until I’m satisfied.

God bless you, have a beautiful day!

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